The Future of Online Marketing is called “H-A-P”

When Bobby McFerrin wrote the song “Don’t worry, be HAPpy!” I bet he didn’t realize at the time, he was writing the future slogan of online marking for small business owners.

What is H.A.P. and what does it stand for? H.A.P. stands for “Host Appreciation Program” and it’s the key future to every small business person in the world. The bread and butter to every small business owners is to keep their clients happy at all times. In fact, when the campaign isn’t going well and their clients aren’t seeing their return on investment (ROI), most will brush their hands off with you and bolt out of the campaign, which in translation means “sink or swim”.

If there’s one thing I’ve learned the last 12 years in the online marketing business, and it’s my golden rule in “business life”, it’s that “Less is more”! Why is it in business, we always have to say, “Ok, what’s next?” or “how can I get more of this or more of that?” or “how can I make this bigger?” Ah yes, the old “more and bigger” strategy which is probably the biggest downfall of most business models.

From an advertising point of view, at what point does ad saturation in business kills a web site? When you go to a site that features 10 or more banner ads with over 50+ “click here” links, are you really looking out for your client’s best interest or are you just being a banner farm or a traffic cop telling people where to go? Greed is an ugly evil my friends and raking in the money with the “optimism” your visitors will support your clients by clicking on their banners is a poor business plan that has a short business life span.

For example, big “public companies” are under such pressure to perform due to their stock prices, they must go out and invent the next big thing or live by the famous quote of “gobble or be gobbled”. The problem in today’s work force is the lack of vision by big companies, due to the fact they have impatient owners or stockholders who want to get rich now, but don’t want to wait to get rich. I’ve always stated; “businesses try too hard to hit home runs at their first plate appearance, instead of just trying to hit a single”. Eventually those singles will still make its way to home plate for a run.

If big advertising money is leaving traditional communication mediums such as print newspapers and magazines, along with electronic airwaves like radio and TV, then where is that money going and why? Doesn’t take a genius to figure it’s going online, but the main reason why it’s going on line is because they can track which site is making them money and which site doesn’t scratch that itch. Some sites may have tons of traffic, but just don’t bring the return on investment (ROI) the 바카라사이트 clients are looking for and there’s tons of reasons why this happens. I could list hundreds, but I’ll just point out a few of interest; ad saturation, doesn’t fit the online demand and distractions of the environment. If I’m on a social networking site, I’m there to interact and get on with my business and leave. I’m not there to look at mortgage rates or test drive a ford from a retailer close by my home.