Horse Racing And Slots At Northlands Park Edmonton

The Horse Racing and Slots located at 75th Street, 115th Avenue in Northlands Park Edmonton offers year around entertainment for residents and visitors to the city. This is a modern facility replete with the thrill of more than one hundred and twenty thoroughbred horses participating in races and over 625 slots and gaming machines with a variety of fine dining options on site.

Aptly referred to as an entertainment extravaganza, the facility situs judi slot online terpercaya 2021s open throughout the year except on Christmas Eve and Christmas Day from 9.30 am to 3 am.

A brief background of Northlands Park racing and slots

Northlands Park is the hub of entertainment and other major events in Edmonton and it hosts a huge variety of cultural fests throughout the year with over three and a half million visitors. It also has an important role in the gaming industry with casinos, especially during the Klondike Days festival although one can enjoy active gaming at the Northlands Spectrum at any time. This is on account of its agreement with the Alberta Gaming and Liquor Commission that mandates a Class A racing license and at least one hundred days of live racing to take care of incidental expenses. The first ever casino in Alberta was at the Silver Slipper Saloon located at the Edmonton Exhibition Grounds in 1967. Later in 2002, Northlands Park, along with Horse Racing Alberta revamped the Northlands Spectrum to add 250 more slot machines.

Competition for Northlands Park Edmonton’s gaming exists in the form of five or six casinos. A change in the city’s smoking regulations in the year 2005 adds to the challenges faced by the Spectrum Slot room.