Eric Cantona – Surely A Football Giant

Football is something that many of us enjoy. The World Cup which is held every 4 years is a great spectacle of glitz and sportsmanship. Countries from all over the world come and play with each, with the eventual winner being crowned as champion. Moreover the game is also a part of the Olympics where it is contested from countries from all over the globe. Almost every other continent has great footballing teams. For example, the Asians have the Japanese, the Africans have the Cameroonians, and Europe has so many teams like England Germany, France, Italy, and Spain. South America has footballing giants like Brazil and Argentina and North America has Mexico. All these continents and countries have made their mark in football in one way or another.

Talking about the players, we have seen so many great players that have either made their marks on a country level or their own respective club levels. For example Eric Cantona who is known as Eric the King has made his mark in the Manchester United Football Club. In fact he has been credited as the player who has brought up Manchester United as a global footballing force that it is today. Then we have the likes of Pele who has been called the greatest player of the game ever. Moreover the extraordinary feats of Maradona still make him a name to be remembered.

Perhaps even more famous than national footballing teams are the club footballing teams. These teams like Manchester United even have fans outside their home countries. Take for example the club Manchester United. It is said that the number of fans of Manchester United are more in China than the UK itself, which is the home of the club! Massive advertising and promotion have played a large role in the development of these clubs which today have revenues in the millions of dollars. More spectacular are the amounts for which these clubs change players. Millions of dollars are paid by clubs to each other for the buying of players. Big players like Christiano Ronaldo and David ยูฟ่าเบท Beckham are sold for tens of millions of dollars.

Even more spectacular is the state of these players as far as their celebrity status is concerned. These players command salaries in hundreds of thousands of dollars per month! They even rake in more money through their endorsements and sponsorship deals. No wonder these players are some of the richest people in the world!