Different Tailor, Different Fit – How to Make Sure Your Online Custom Tailored Shirt Fits

Unfortunately there is no universal standard that is applied to tailoring dress shirts from your body measurements. More often the not, a tailor’s interpretation as to how a shir 수원셔츠룸t should fit will differ from that of the customer, particularly if the tailor is located in another country. However, this does not mean your options are limited to simple trial and error. By researching or inquiring into how much a tailor will add to your body measurements, you can make adjustments to ensure you end up with a shirt that meets your expectations. Most tailors will accept measurements taken from your body or from a well-fitting shirt. If your…

Differences arising from a tailor’s interpretation

Remember that when you order a custom made shirt online, the shirt is going to be constructed by a tailor, usually located somewhere in Asia and this tailor will have his or her own way of doing things. Tailors use their discretion and apply different rules to interpret body measurements and size preferences. A ‘Slim fit’ shirt constructed by one tailor, may very well be the same size as a ‘Regular fit’ from another tailor. For example, if a tailor is asked to construct a ‘Slim Fit’ shirt, one tailor may add 2 inches to your chest measurements to construct the finished shirt while another tailor may add 4 inches. So, if you are keen to have a shirt tailored from your body measurements, it is worth researching the tailor’s website to see if they provide any information as to how much they will add to your body measurements.

Differences arising from geographic trends

Depending on what country you live in, you may have different expectations as to how a dress shirt should fit. For example, US customers tend wear their shirts far baggier than European customers. This creates discrepancies when ordering from an international online tailor. Rather than enter into debate as to what the true size of a ‘Slim Fit’, ‘Regular Fit’ and ‘Loose Fit’ should be, we need to accept that these terms can be interpreted differently, and we should focus on clarifying quantitative measures of how your shirt will fit. For example, will my tailor add 3 inches or 6 inches to my chest measurement? (Yes, tailors do vary this much).