Bulking With Bodybuilding Foods

So you’re a skinny a guy trying to build some muscle but just can’t seem to put on any weight? Well the answer to your prayers my friend is bulking up with bodybuilding foods.

So what is bulking? Bulking refers to the bodybuilding term of eating a surplus of calories and nutrients to add muscle mass. The key is to train with heavy weights and eat as much as possible every 2-3 hours. With a perfect diet you can only expect to build about 1lb of muscle naturally each week. Don’t stress if your not gaining right away, building quality muscle is a process that takes time and effort regardless of your genetics.

Clean vs. Dirty Bulking- Clean Bulking means eating quality bodybuilding foods such as meat, fish, eggs, cheese, veggies etc. You are consuming foods with a high protein/carbohydrate content that will build up your muscle tissue. Dirty Bulking is eating things like sr9009 stenabolic sarm Burger King and pizza to gain an excess of calories. Anyone can gain weight by eating themselves away into oblivion with these foods but then you would just be fat. Stick to clean, healthy foods and avoid the sugary processed garbage at all costs.

Caloric Intake-Your body needs a surplus of calories to gain weight especially muscle mass. Give your body the fuel it needs and increase your daily caloric intake by 300-500 until you start to see results.

Supplements for Weight Gain- Don’t go overboard with supplements and just stick to the basics. It’s all about your training and diet as even the ones recommended below should be used sparingly. Whey-protein, a multivitamin, creatine, and glutamine are the ones I’ve found that work best. Whey protein will help you to meet your daily protein requirements and creatine will retain water allowing your muscles to be flushed with nutrients. Glutamine is an amino acid in the body that serves to reduce catabolism (muscle breakdown) and a good multivitamin guarantees you all the essential nutrients necessary for thousands of bodily functions.

So there you have it, with some hard training and the correct amounts