Are There Politics in Coaching Youth Football? Is a Bullfrog Waterproof?

All youth football leagues have some degree of politics ทางเข้า ufabet in their organization. The people that are more involved with the running of the league will get the preferred teams to coach as well they should. There is an enormous amount of time that is volunteered to keep a youth football league in operation. There are many meetings, early set up of the fields, late breakdowns of the field and much more.

The members of the board have to be involved of every decision including where and when to practice. They have to cut all the deals with the local venders if they are providing concessions on game day. There is no doubt that these people should get preferential treatment. Most of them do not want any thing special.

Then there is the self-serving scumbag who uses his position on the board to help his own cause. He could care less about the kids, the program or anyone who gets in his way. This jerk will run the program into the ground as long as it serves to his benefit. He runs the program into the ground, letting his big ego make decisions that make no sense. To top it off this self-serving jerk leaves the program in shambles as soon as it can do him no more good, meaning his kid is no longer involved.

I always avoid any youth football program run by someone like this. I can only recommend that if you feel you are in a program that is unfair, switch to another one.

Jim has over 22 years of hands-on experience as a youth coach. The system he has used with great sucess for both youth football and youth basketball. His personal teams have won over 80% of their games.